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            A Letter from the Chief Executive Officer

            Textron is committed to acting responsibly, safely and ethically as we build and maintain relationships with our customers, employees, business partners, suppliers, shareholders and our communities. This report summarizes our activities during 2017 to minimize our company’s impact on the environment, champion the health, safety and career development of our employees, and steer our business on the right legal and ethical course.

            Textron’s corporate responsibility commitment encompasses four primary focus areas:

            Our Communities and Charitable Giving:
            Through volunteerism, philanthropic giving and the non-profit Textron Charitable Trust, we support a wide variety of charitable organizations and community interests in the places we do business, work and live.

            The Environment:
            Textron’s annual goal setting process and sustainability projects advance our efforts to minimize our consumption of energy and natural resources and impact on the environment.

            Our People:
            Delivering leading-edge products and services to our customers starts with our people. That’s why we continuously work to make our operations safer, offer employee health and well-being programs, create great opportunities for our workforce and build an environment where all employees are treated with dignity and respect.

            Ethics and Compliance:
            Our high ethical standards stem from our values of integrity, respect, trust and the pursuit of excellence. We are committed to conducting our business with these values in mind at all times.

            The results of our efforts in each of these focus areas are a source of pride and reflect our ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility. With a constant goal of improving, we will continue to measure our progress and strengthen our connections with all of those who share in our global corporate citizenship journey.

            Scott C. Donnelly
            Chairman and Chief Executive Officer