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            Our Commitment to The Environment

            Textron understands its responsibility to participate in working toward a sustainable future for the environment. Our responsibility to the environment starts with our compliance with regulatory requirements and is supported by our Textron Global EHS Policies and Standards in all countries where we operate. Beyond compliance, we are focused on reducing the energy and natural resource intensity of our operations and contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. Along these lines, all Textron business units set annual targets for energy efficiency, greenhouse gas emissions reduction and waste minimization. These targets vary by business and generally represent between a 1 and 2.5% annual improvement.

            The charts below show our 2017 performance and progress over the past four years. Our ultimate long-range vision is zero adverse environmental impact.



            2017 Energy and Fuel Consumption

            5,495,451 mmBTUs


            4-Year Trend

            Energy Intensity* (mmBTU/Revenue)

            *Intensity metrics are normalized to revenue.

            Waste Minimization

            2017 Waste Profile

            49,884,228 Lbs.


            4-Year Trend

            Waste Intensity* (Lbs/Revenue)

            *Intensity metrics are normalized to revenue.


            2017 Recycling Snapshot

            Total Waste Recycled: 86.3 Million Lbs
            63% Recycling Rate

            Greenhouse Gas Emissions (GHG)

            2017 Greenhouse Gas Emissions

            669,225 metric tons*

            *Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are determined following the Greenhouse Gas Protocols of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Resource Institute. Consistent with these protocols, Textron accounts for direct (Scope 1) and indirect (Scope 2) GHG emissions in terms of CO2-equivalents.


            4-Year Trend

            GHG Intensity* (CO2-e/Revenue)

            *Intensity metrics are normalized to revenue.

            Water Consumption

            2017 Total Water Consumed

            962,092,730 GAL



            Textron’s 2017 Sustainability Projects: Reducing our Environmental Footprint

            In 2017, Textron operations around the globe completed 145 sustainability projects aimed at energy, waste or water use reduction. In addition to saving Textron $3.5 million, these projects helped Textron improve upon the prior year by increasing energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste generation. Project savings on energy were 157,000 mmBTUs, which resulted in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 15,000 metric tons. Our waste minimization efforts helped to reduce our landfill disposal by 670,000 pounds. Water projects resulted in 1.48 million gallons of water savings.