Entry Level Positions

Whether you are a former Textron intern familiar with the company or exploring Textron for the first time, you want a rewarding and stimulating career. For entry level professionals, a company as diverse and dynamic as Textron offers a world of opportunities – to grow as a professional and develop your skills.

One of the ways we foster growth and development is by identifying talent and providing them with great opportunities to grow with the company. The open positions you may be pursuing as an entry level professional exist because more experienced employees have moved into new roles or have taken on greater responsibilities within the company. From the moment you walk in the door at Textron, you have professional development and growth opportunities – at every stage of your career. Your development as a professional is critical to the success of the company. At Textron, you are limited only by your willingness to embrace the opportunities around you.

Consider the options

Grow within your functional area and progress to become a technical expert in your field. Move within one business, perhaps between facilities, to gain a truly in-depth understanding of our operations. Make a move into leadership. Cross functional lines by exploring other parts of the business. Move between businesses—maybe within the same industry, maybe in an industry completely new to you. Move geographically, maybe outside of your home country. Seek an opportunity to do a ‘stretch’ assignment outside of the scope of your regular role. There are unlimited possibilities.

What type of entry-level positions are offered?

Entry-level professional positions are available in a number of functional areas:

  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain & Operations
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Human Resources
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service Support
  • Business Development
  • Communications
  • Government Affairs
  • Program Management
  • Legal

We typically have many entry-level positions open across the company. We encourage you to regularly go online to review the offerings, as they change frequently.